How does the MikroTik integration work?

By adding 6 lines of code into your MikroTik config, we create a GRE tunnel between our servers and your router. Only sessions that match DIVI connection mark are routed back to our servers via GRE.

How does the Cisco integration work?

In order to participate with a Cisco or Juniper router you need to provide a VM. We will then install our software remotely in the VM which will create a GRE tunnel between our servers and the software. In your router you need to create PBR configuration to redirect very small portion of the traffic

What is the minimum bandwidth and amount of IPs I can share to join the network?

There is no minimum bandwidth requirement. You can share any amount of IPs from /25 to /15. You can also share several non-contingent IP ranges.

Which router should I configure to connect to your network?

The best router to be configured is your border router, where all the downstream traffic to the IPs you are sharing is routed through. In principal, the tunnels can be defined also on other routers, please contact our technical team in that case.

I would like to share only part of the IPs routed through my router with the network, is it possible?

Yes. You can define the amount of IPs you would like to share during the setup process or anytime via our portal.

Can I limit the amount of bandwidth used by your network through my router?

Yes.  You can define the amount of bandwidth you would like our network to use during the initial setup process, and you can always change it by logging into your account in our portal.

Is using the MikroTik router mandatory for participating in the network?

No, any network operator can participate regardless of its network equipment model, however, configuring the MikroTik router to join the network  can be done automatically via our portal and does not require any additional equipment to be installed. Network operators who use other routers can use a separate server or a VM installed with our