DiviNetworks operates a global platform which allows any ISP, WISP or WiFi Operator to generate additional monthly revenue by using its existing resources.

Any ISP, WISP or WiFi Hotspot which has a control of any public IPs routing. Participation in the network is done by simple configuration of its routers.

Yes, you can disconnect any time. There is no minimum commitment. As you hold the GRE tunnel on your side, you are technically in control of everything.

Of course, please contact our team and we will provide the details.


Total bandwidth we use depends on the number of shared IPs. Our usage is ~1GB/IP per month. The average traffic speed: 3-5 kbps per IP.

Both used and unused IPs can be utilized. IP allocation is not needed. This gives you the ability to monetize your whole network and not just the unused IP range.

Our global system rotates all the requests from our customers among all the available IPs .  The more IPs you share , the more traffic will be sent through your router.

Rate card (per TB / month )


An US based ISP with a /19 block can generate: $21k-$25k a year without any IP allocation.


The global network is our main asset, and we take all measures to protect and prevent attempted abuse of our partners IPs. Our customers are corporations ( no individual is allowed to use the system ) and we conduct a strict KYC process with each company who wishes to use our system, including personal identification of the representative . In addition, we only allow web traffic to be used toward ports 80 and 443, and we keep full logs of all the requests being made through all the servers, including  the customer’s real source IP. All the logs of the traffic passed through any of our ISP partners are available to the ISP for download and it is kept for 36 months. In addition, each of our partners receive an access to our real time monitoring system where we can see various information about the traffic passed through its router by our customers, including domain names, total bandwidth etc.

In addition, all the traffic, which is sent or received through the partner network, is passed through one of our main PoPs where we monitor it using anti-ddos and anti-malware systems to ensure that no abnormal traffic is generated. Our system also ensures that the traffic pattern is similar to a normal user, to provide another layer of safety. Currently there are over 110 ISPs partnering in our network and we will be happy to provide references for any partner considering participating.

No. Since the MikroTik is a session aware router, the configuration that we provide will ensure that traffic, which belongs to sessions generated by our customers will be redirected through a tunnel to our PoPs while all of our users traffic will be routed as usual to your users. We will have no visibility to the sessions that were not generated by our customers.

Definitely. All the traffic generated by our customers and passed through your router is logged and traffic is kept 36 months and available for you to download at a secured FTP.


By adding 6 lines of code into your MikroTik config, we create a GRE tunnel between our servers and your router. Only sessions that match DIVI connection mark are routed back to our servers via GRE.

mikrotik integration

In order to participate with a Cisco or Juniper router you need to provide a VM. We will then install our software remotely in the VM which will create a GRE tunnel between our servers and the software.
In your router you need to create PBR configuration to redirect very small portion of the traffic (0.2% to be exact) to the VM.

There is no minimum bandwidth requirement. You can share any amount of IPs from /25 to /15. You can also share several non-contingent IP ranges.

The best router to be configured is your border router, where all the downstream traffic to the IPs you are sharing is routed through. In principal, the tunnels can be defined also on other routers, please contact our technical team in that case.

Yes. Please contact our support team for instructions.

Yes. You can define the amount of IPs you would like to share during the setup process or anytime via our portal.

Yes.  You can define the amount of bandwidth you would like our network to use during the initial setup process, and you can always change it by logging into your account in our portal.

No, any network operator can participate regardless of its network equipment model, however, configuring the MikroTik router to join the network  can be done automatically via our portal and does not require any additional equipment to be installed. Network operators who use other routers can use a separate server or a VM installed with our software to take part in the network.