By adding 6 lines of code into your MikroTik config, we create a GRE tunnel between our servers and your router.
Only sessions that match DIVI connection mark are routed back to our servers via GRE.


In order to participate with a Cisco or Juniper router you need to provide a VM. We will then install our software remotely in the VM which will create a GRE tunnel between our servers and the software. In your router you need to create PBR configuration to redirect very small portion of the traffic


没有最低流量要求。 您可以共享从/ 25到/ 15的任意数量的IP。 您还可以共享多个非临时IP范围。


最好配置的路由器是边界路由器,所有共享IP的下游流量都将通过该路由器。 原则上,也可以在其他路由器上定义通道,在这种情况下,请联系我们的技术团队。


可以的。 您可以在设置过程中或通过我们的端口随时定义要共享的IP数量。


可以的。 您可以定义您希望我们的网络在初始设置过程中使用的流量数,并且您还可以通过在端口网站中登录帐户来更改流量数。


No, any network operator can participate regardless of its network equipment model, however, configuring the MikroTik router to join the network  can be done automatically via our portal and does not require any additional equipment to be installed. Network operators who use other routers can use a separate server or a VM installed with our