Keeping a secure network is crucial and we take all the necessary measures to protect it.
We do not collect data and it's technically impossible to do so.

know your customer

No individuals

Our customers are corporations
(no individual is allowed).

All requests are stored

Full logs of all requests including customers' source IPs are stored.


Anti-DDoS & anti-malware

All the traffic is scanned using anti-DDoS and anti-malware systems.

know your customer

Know Your Customer

A strict KYC process for each company, including personal IDs.

Logs stored for 36 months

All the traffic logs are available to download for 36 months.

Real user traffic pattern

Our system ensures that the traffic pattern is similar to a normal user.


Only ports 80 & 443

Only web traffic is allowed through ports 80 and 443.

Traffic panel

Dashboard access with traffic stats, domains, total bandwidth & more.

Request limit

We limit our customers to a single request per domain for each 5 min.