How can I be sure your customers will not abuse my bandwidth?

The global network is our main asset, and we take all measures to protect and prevent attempted abuse of our partners IPs. Our customers are corporations ( no individual is allowed to use the system ) and we conduct a strict KYC process with each company who wishes to use our system, including personal identification

Will my own users’ network traffic be exposed?

No. Since the MikroTik is a session aware router, the configuration that we provide will ensure that traffic, which belongs to sessions generated by our customers will be redirected through a tunnel to our PoPs while all of our users traffic will be routed as usual to your users. We will have no visibility to

Can I have logs of all the traffic passed through my router?

Definitely. All the traffic generated by our customers and passed through your router is logged and traffic is kept 36 months and available for you to download at a secured FTP.