The global network is our main asset, and we take all measures to protect and prevent attempted abuse of our partners IPs. Our customers are corporations ( no individual is allowed to use the system ) and we conduct a strict KYC process with each company who wishes to use our system, including personal identification of the representative . In addition, we only allow web traffic to be used toward ports 80 and 443, and we keep full logs of all the requests being made through all the servers, including  the customer’s real source IP. All the logs of the traffic passed through any of our ISP partners are available to the ISP for download and it is kept for 36 months. In addition, each of our partners receive an access to our real time monitoring system where we can see various information about the traffic passed through its router by our customers, including domain names, total bandwidth etc.

In addition, all the traffic, which is sent or received through the partner network, is passed through one of our main PoPs where we monitor it using anti-ddos and anti-malware systems to ensure that no abnormal traffic is generated. Our system also ensures that the traffic pattern is similar to a normal user, to provide another layer of safety. Currently there are over 110 ISPs partnering in our network and we will be happy to provide references for any partner considering participating.