What is Divi+?

We create a new revenue source for any size ISP, WISP, WiFi Operator 
by monetizing their unused bandwidth without any investment or maintenance.

Monetize your bandwidth

without having to allocate any IP ranges.

15 minute integration

with MikroTik, Cisco & Juniper.

Track your revenue

through the panel & analyze the traffic.

References from 130+ ISPs

40 of them are US,
36 of them are EU based.

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About DiviNetworks

  • Operating for more than 15 years
  • Proud member of UKWISPA & WISPA
  • Part of Cyber Security Group: Safe-T  (NASDAQ: SFET)
  • Based in startup nation Tel Aviv, Israel with offices in CA, US


Typical questions we are receiving from ISPs

Please check full details in traffic section.

Total bandwidth we use depends on the number of shared IPs. Our usage is ~1GB/IP per month. The average traffic speed: 3-5 kbps per IP.
Both used and unused IPs can be utilized. IP allocation is not needed.
This gives you the ability to monetize your whole network and not just the unused IP range.

Our global system rotates all the requests from our customers among all the available IPs .  The more IPs you share , the more traffic will be sent through your router.

Rate card (per TB / month )

An US based ISP with a /19 block can generate: $21k-$25k a year without any IP allocation.

By adding 6 lines of code into your MikroTik config, we create a GRE tunnel between our servers and your router.
Only sessions that match DIVI connection mark are routed back to our servers via GRE.

mikrotik integration

In order to participate with a Cisco or Juniper router you need to provide a VM. We will then install our software remotely in the VM which will create a GRE tunnel between our servers and the software. In your router you need to create PBR configuration to redirect very small portion of the traffic (0.2% to be exact) to the VM.

cisco integration

No. This is also technically impossible.

Since the MikroTik is a session aware router, the configuration that we provide will ensure that the traffic which belongs to sessions generated by our customers will be redirected through a tunnel to our PoPs while all of your users traffic will be routed as usual to your users. We have no visibility to the sessions that were not generated by our customers.

Yes, you can disconnect any time. There is no minimum commitment.
You are technically in control of everything.

Yes, you can. We can integrate with any type of router. Please contact us for further assistance.

Revenue Dashboard

Track everything related to the traffic along with your generated revenue.

Including bandwidth, customer source IPs, domains, amount of requests and more in your panel.

Check the traffic by setting a timeframe. The panel is updated every 30 minutes.

Track your performance by viewing your revenue history separated by month.



We’ve attented and exhibited in these events. Let’s meet in the next one!

wispapalooza 2021 divi


October 11th to 14th, Las Vegas, NV - Paris Las Vegas Hotel



5-7 February 2020, New Orleans, LA - Sheraton New Orleans Hotel

wispapalooza 2019


October 14-18, 2019 Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV


13 June 2019, UK WISPA 2019, Radisson Blu Hotel Liverpool

  WISPAmerica 2019

    18-21 Mar 2019, WISPamerica 2019, Cincinnati, OH

MUM Vienna

  MUM Vienna 2019

    7-8 Mar 2019, MikroTik User Meeting in Eventhotel Pyramide, Vienna

Over 130+ ISP References

who are generating extra revenue each month with Divi+





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Our references

Over 110 ISPs worldwide use DiviNetworks to generate extra revenue each month. Here's what some US ISPs had to say about us.